Pursuit is a team of individuals united by a common love of cycling, and the quest to improve ourselves and the things we create. Whether that is building the perfect custom bike, conserving the natural and cycling environment we live in, or developing new and better ways to utilize carbon fiber, each of us has always pushed to find ways to enhance and improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

With this shared outlook we have created a bike company reflecting our shared desire of always improving. Manufacturing a bike that is part science, part romance. Not a big company marketing a lot of bikes, but a small company crafting a limited number of bikes. We care about quality, not volume. We are exploring areas of design and manufacturing others won’t. We are nimble, and we know our customers. Not just what they want, but WHO they are. A company whose social ethos is giving back to our community, being a part of that community, and making it better.

Creating the remarkable requires vision, inspiration, and an uncompromising desire to break conventions and exceed expectations. We set ourselves apart by creating moments in time. Every year we combine our decades of hard earned bike building experience with the latest technological opportunities to create our vision of the perfect bike: a limited edition inspired by the moment and manufactured to meticulous standards in Bozeman, Montana.

Who We Are