Who We Are

We want to go further, faster more beautifully. To always get better. To keep proving and improving the things we create. It’s in this pursuit that we find meaning and a never ending purpose.

Loretta and Carl

Carl and Loretta Strong

Founding Partners

Carl, Managing Director & Loretta, Photographer and Director of Finance

For 25 years, Strong Frames has manufactured frames of all types and materials for thousands of clients. Carl and Loretta have been passionate members in the Custom Bicycle Industry and are known for attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

“Carl is really one of the stand-out characters of the small framebuilding community in his dedication to raising the bar of professionalism for this corner of the industry. Through mentoring other builders in refining and improving their customer service experiences or business practices, his name comes up frequently as a resource and a guide in discussions with the more prominent sect of builders in the US and the UK.” -Bike Rumor

Bill Cochran France

Bill Cochran

Founding Partner

Bill is a giver. He would like to say he rides as much as give’s but that would be an understatement. He has served on numerous non-profit boards, sponsors countless charitable events, and continues relationships for advocacy throughout the community. He brings a broad knowledge to the table. With over 30 years’ experience in the cycling industry as a mechanic, wheel builder, manufacturer and shop owner; and an avid cyclist who rides all over the world. Bill’s skills on and off the road make him an excellent asset.

Jared Nelson PhD

Jared Nelson

Founding Partner

Director of Engineering & Assistant Professor of Mechanical engineering at SUNY New Paltz.

While receiving a BS in Philosophy from Bates College, Jared worked in the bicycle industry, ranging from sales to manufacturing at Spinergy and Seven Cycles. An opportunity to focus more on production management and manufacturing engineering led him to MacLean Quality Composites. There he worked on growing the composite tubing sector, and developing the first automotive exterior carbon fiber body panel to be used as original equipment. During that period, he pursued a BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah, specializing in bonding of composites for the automotive industry. He completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University, studying the effects of typical composites manufacturing defects. He also worked directly as an adviser to Strong Frames as a composites specialist.

Jeff Wyatt Pinion Engineering

Jeff Wyatt

Design Engineer

Jeff is a local cyclist and design engineer. As a lifelong cyclist he has brought an understanding of our goals and aesthetic right from the start. Jeff, along with his team at Pinion Engineering, are responsible for industrial design, modeling, renderings, ply shapes, and mold design.

“Pinion made its mark working with San Francisco bay area design firms by adhering to design language and industrial design requirements throughout the project, bringing renderings to life. With over 20 years of CAD experience, the knowledge of good CAD is translated to great products including a Red Dot award in 2013, as well as several other industry design awards and patents throughout the years.” – Pinion Engineering

Todd Heckeler Consume Design

Todd Heckeler

Carl and Loretta have been working with Todd for nearly 20 years at their company Strong Frames. Todd is a bike geek that brings a unique combination of both technical web development and graphic design. When it comes to the web he can build anything and make it look good.