Testing and Quality Control

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We test during both process development, and on randomized samples during production. We also do non-destructive tests on all parts routinely during the manufacturing process. All designs undergo ISO 4210-6 and EN 14781 testing during the design phase, process development phase, prototype evaluation phase and random samples.



Each specific materiel we are interested in using is tested. To get the value for the material’s ultimate strength and stiffness we do a tensile test. In most cases we’ll also employ digital image correlation (DIC). With DIC we can get an understanding of the material’s strain or change in length and deformation in specific areas. We may also do a burn-off test which gives us the fiber to resin ratio.



Curing the carbon fiber is an important part of assuring it's strength, stiffness and fatigue life are optimized. In order to assure the part is meeting the temperature and time necessary to properly cure, all tools are fitted with multiple thermocouples and tested for hot and cold spots. Once we know how each tool responds to heat, we can program a custom cure curve for that tool. We record all cures and associate that record with the serial number of the frame.


All information related to each bike is recorded and identified by its serial number. Travelers follow every frame part through the manufacturing process. The traveler includes ALL vital information for each part; such as material, layup, cure profile, and environmental conditions.


The fun part! While we do collect data when we are testing bikes most of what we evaluate is seat-of-the-pants qualitative feedback. How do we like the feel; is it smooth enough and stiff enough. How does it feel when we hit bumps and expansion joints? How does it turn and sprint?

Data collected includes the use of accelerators, strain gauges and the basic stuff you get from your bike computer such as power, mileage, time and elevation. All of this data is analyzed together in order to give us a complete picture of what is going on with the bike.

A limited-edition carbon fiber road bike inspired by the moment and manufactured to uncompromising standards in Bozeman, Montana.