What is Pursuit Cycles

There are enough bikes out there made overseas for brands driven by sales and marketing. If you go on a group ride look around. You see the same bikes all over the place. Bikes made and sold in the largest numbers each brand can manage.

At Pursuit Cycles we manufacture our bikes in-house here in Bozeman MT. That’s the whole point, we’re bike builders.


Chainstay Layup

We started Pursuit because we saw an opportunity to do something special. We saw an opportunity to build fine handcrafted carbon fiber bikes in small numbers. And we do so using the latest carbon fiber technologies and extreme attention to detail.

We have a great team of talented engineers, artists and craftsman. Combining technology and craftsmanship in a way you don’t see everyday.

Being a small company we follow the old adage; “do one thing and do it better than anyone else”. We focus on one bike model per year and we only build a limited number.


Machine Shop