Frame Construction

Part science, part romance. Combining expertise, art and technology to push both the machine and the rider further, faster, more beautifully.

Headtube Mold


Our team at Pursuit focuses on the cutting edge of carbon fiber composite technology, building the best road bike frames possible.

Laying up carbon seatube


We use bladder molded construction for lighter weight and better control of fiber orientation. Our multi-piece configuration allows us to use and remove firmer bladders which produce better ply consolidation yielding better fatigue life. Our engineers work with each piece throughout the entire construction process and all pieces are serialized for quality assurance.

Overwrapping Carbon Road Bike Frame


After quality control and prep for joining, each frame is fixtured and bonded, learn more about why we build in multiple parts here. After bonding we over wrap each joint to leave a smooth finish for paint. Our custom designed dropout is made by compression molding allowing us to compress and drill without reducing fatigue life. It features a replaceable aluminum derailleur hanger and titanium inserts.