Part science, part romance. Combining expertise, art and technology to push both the machine and the rider further, faster, more beautifully.


Design and engineering requires a team of talented and experienced individuals, each responsible for a different element of the process. With a data-pool of over 25 years of custom frame design and thousands of customer reviews, Carl Strong designs the geometry, sizing, and chooses the standards used that riders want. Jeff our design engineer, working closely with Carl, creates the solid surface models, renderings, the 3D printed models and the CAD designs for the molds.



Jared uses skills from his 20 years in the composites industry, along with his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering to design and optimize the laminate schedule. This process begins with simple material tests to ensure the design process is representative. This information is then passed to Kyle, a trained engineer who does not just implement what we want but provides a critical feedback loop. His responsibility is to bring our intellectual goals to the shop floor and make them happen.

Who We Are

Hand Drawn Initial Design Concepts

Everything starts with pen to paper. Our design engineer, Jeff, along with Carl develop the overall appearance of the frame. Starting with a list of criteria, each feature is discussed and various options are sketched until they land on an overall style that makes them happy.

3D Model

Once the general criteria and aesthetics are developed by hand, Jeff builds the model in the computer. This model will be the basis for all development as the process moves forward.

Final Rendering

The renderings allow us to see how light and shadow will interplay with the overall aesthetic of the design.

Checking Specs and Fit

Prior to committing to molds a 3D model is produced and all specs are confirmed. It is assembled to make sure all parts fit as expected and clearances are checked for interference.

Laminate and Ply Design

Jared designs the laminate schedule which will determine the characteristics of each part. From there Kyle will develop the ply shapes and digitize the ply design for cutting.

Create CAD Designs for Molds

The final step is creating the CAD design for each mold used to create the parts. Once these designs are complete, we send them to our partner for manufacture.

A limited-edition carbon fiber road bike inspired by the moment and manufactured to uncompromising standards in Bozeman, Montana.