The LeadOut

The LeadOut was designed to be ridden far, fast and often. It combines a clean, timeless aesthetic with cutting-edge technology in carbon fiber manufacturing. The result is a true race machine that’s built to last.

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Design Priorities

Ride Quality

When we started conceptualizing this bike, our first priority was ride quality, because ride quality and speed go hand in hand. Ride quality also makes long days better, and inspires confidence on thrilling, twisty descents.


Toughness came next. In this day of making the lightest possible bikes, we want our clients to take comfort in the knowledge that the LeadOut is built to last. We rigorously test our bikes during the design and manufacturing stages to ensure that they meet strict international safety standards.


Our third priority was weight. A well engineered and manufactured carbon fiber frame is far lighter than any other frame material out there, so while meeting our first two priorities, we made the LeadOut as light as we could. Fully built out, the LeadOut weighs between 15 and 16 pounds without compromising long-term reliability or safety.


The result is a pure road bike that will become your go-to bike for racing, training and big miles. It is a “stage race” geometry, jack-of-all trades carbon fiber road bike you can grab for just about any ride. The stiff chassis is perfect for rolling the hills, standing on the climbs, and sprinting through the finish. The low bottom bracket gives the LeadOut a smooth feel and the ability to corner fast and stick to the ground. Wrap-around seat stays contribute to a frame that’s sturdy, not spindly. All of which inspire confidence when descending technical roads at high speed.

Pricing and How to Purchase