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I want to be part of a team that makes something that is greater than the sum of its parts. To make products that stand the test of time; a 246 Dino GT, an Eames chair, the literature of the 20th century Soviets.

Education and background

I grew up in a beach town in Florida in the shadow of Daytona International speedway and Cape Canaveral. After high school I attended the University of Florida and in 2011 I received a degree in Materials Science and Engineering. During that time in college I discovered bikes and the thriving bike culture of Gainesville. I raced collegiate in the wonderful SECCC conference trying to be too ‘pro’ for my own good. Also during that time I learned to commute after discovering bikes are an easy and cheap way to get around in a state that permanently stays swamp warm.

After graduation I worked at a small marina while trying to find an engineering job. In the Spring of 2012 I moved to St. Louis and began working for a carbon manufacturer called Zoltek specializing in industrial carbon. Think wind blades not bikes. In 2014 I started graduate school at MSU studying composites while enjoying my first time living in the mountain west. My parents joke that given this current geographic path I will end up somewhere in the Bering strait in another decade.

I started working with Carl and the rest of the team at pursuit during the summer of ’17 and am looking forward to applying my knowledge in specialty composites, bonding, processing and mechatronics while learning from some great minds and great people.

Unique Quirks

I enjoy talking about tires and am a bit of a cross tubular hoarder. This includes a love affair with my set of FMB supermuds.