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Title: Director of Engineering



My goal in life is relatively simple, to promote health.  This may sound odd since I am not a healthcare professional, but I strongly believe that knowledge empowers and empowerment leads to a healthy state of mind.  In turn, a healthy mind is critical to having a healthy body.  It is my goal in every relationship to have people feel as though they have learned from me, because I know I learn from everyone around me.

Education and Background

I received a BS in Philosophy from Bates College which logically led me to working in the bicycle industry ranging from sales to manufacturing (Spinergy and Seven Cycles). An opportunity to focus more on production management and manufacturing engineering led me to MacLean Quality Composites where we worked on growing in the composite tubing sector and developed the first automotive exterior carbon fiber body panel to be used as original equipment. From here, I chose to stay in Utah to pursue a BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Utah, specializing in bonding of composites for the automotive industry. Then a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University studying the effects of typical composites manufacturing defects; again a direct extension of my work in the bicycle and composites industries.

Unique Quirks

I’m most proud of my Philosophy degree because it taught me how to think, while my engineering degree taught me how to apply what I think.