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Title: Managing Director



I love Bozeman and want to contribute to this community in a meaningful way; creating jobs that people love and producing a product that is healthy and a business the community can be proud of.

Education and Background

I started racing bikes at an age before I can remember very clearly. From those early days bicycles have been the center of my life. In 1993 I started Strong Frames Inc. manufacturing frames of all types and materials for  thousands of clients.

For the majority of the last ten years I have focused on steel and titanium. I had a short foray into carbon fiber at one point, even winning “Best Carbon Bike” at NAHBS in Austin, TX, but ultimately stopped offering it because the metal and carbon processes did not mix. I never stopped thinking about carbon fiber though; I love learning about new technology, materials and manufacturing processes, and I wanted to learn more about carbon fiber, how to optimize it, and the best way to manufacture it.

A couple years ago I started to think about a way I could pursue my interest in carbon fiber. As luck would have it, I have some very talented people in my life and we were all excited about the prospect of assembling a team and starting a carbon fiber frame manufacturing company, and here we are.

Unique Quirks

I have a nearly OCD compulsion for neatness. I clean up after everybody and it makes them crazy. Especially Loretta because she’s usually still using whatever I just put away.